The Economy of Greece

Cyprus' Business Economy

Since then, agriculture is really an important contributor to the economy of Cyprus. And there are a lot of small farms in Cyprus. During the 1960's in Cyprus a lot of irrigation projects that helped the agriculture of the country and it increased the country's export. The crops that grows in Cyprus are Asbetos, Beans, Citrus Fruits, Potatoes, Wheat. And they also have Iron, Ore, Marbles and gypsum. But their major export is Asbetos, Cement, Citrus Fruits and Wine. While in the industry, agriculture is on top, followed by food processing, mining, Petroleum Refining, Textiles and Tourism. It is also good to start up a business in Cyprus but make sure to make that it is in line with the best business venture in the country. These are the contributors to the economy of Cyprus.

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